From 93 KG to 65 KG: A Journey to Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Ajeet Yadav's Story, Founder of Ajeet Yoga

My transformative journey from 93 KG to 65 KG through the power of yoga. Battling health issues and the stresses of urban life, I turned to yoga for healing. Let's join on this path to holistic transformation together.

Ajeet Yadav

5/10/20244 min read

In 2012, I weighed 60 KG, was healthy, and physically fit. I worked in Business Process Outsourcing with odd working shifts, often finding myself indulging in unhealthy dietary choices. Days blurred into nights, leading me to rely heavily on high-calorie, sugary foods to fuel my energy levels. Burgers dripping with grease, pizzas loaded with cheese, spicy chili potatoes, crispy samosas, and an array of sweets became part of my diet. In the rush to meet deadlines and navigate through demanding schedules, prioritizing convenience over health became a regrettable norm, ultimately taking a toll on both my physical well-being and overall lifestyle.

Many of us in our youth don't prioritize our health, assuming we'll always be healthy and fit, regardless of our lifestyle or diet, until we encounter health hazards. I was no different until I faced health troubles. By the end of 2019, I weighed 90KG and was overweight. I experienced low energy, lethargy, fatigue, and was dangerously close to developing prediabetic conditions at a young age.

Once a village boy accustomed to daily walks of 4-5 kilometers and long hours of work in agricultural fields, I found myself struggling with a sedentary city lifestyle that made even short walks challenging. Not only did I feel physically unfit, but mentally as well. I easily succumbed to stress and anxiety. Once a motivated and passionate individual, I now found myself feeling lazy and procrastinating on everything. I had lost my passion for life. Mental fatigue, anger, and frustration became regular companions, perhaps due to work-related pressures and the isolated city lifestyle. My overall health, both physical and mental, took a toll.

In 2020, with the onset of Covid and subsequent lockdowns, my health situation deteriorated further. I gained more weight, and my mental state worsened to the point where it's difficult to articulate those dark moments of severe stress and anxiety.

I started realizing I wasn't the same person I used to be, and I needed to take action. Luckily, I had a classmate from my part-time Chinese language course. We used to practice Chinese together, and during one of our conversations, he mentioned he had an MSc in Yoga. Intrigued, I asked him if Yoga could help me lose weight. Without hesitation, he said yes and agreed to conduct Yoga sessions.

It was a life-changing step. After just a few Yoga sessions with him, I felt a positive shift, not only physically but also mentally. I experienced a newfound sense of peace, and my mobility began to improve. Stress and anxiety levels decreased significantly and lost few Kilos weight. It became clear to me that Yoga is indeed magical, especially when guided by a skilled teacher.

I realized that there are many people like me who are experiencing similar physical and mental health challenges, and Yoga could be a tremendous aid. As a solopreneur, running my IT and digital solutions company, Kitofe, I felt compelled to do something in the field of Yoga. I wanted to assist others in overcoming these obstacles and achieving a better quality of life.

In mid-2020, I enrolled in a Yoga instructor course at MDNIY, and subsequently cleared the interview for a PG Diploma course in Yoga from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit University. I did countless Yoga course and training, including 500Hrs Yogi Training. The deeper I delved into my studies, the more I realized that Yoga operates not only at the physical level but also at the mental and spiritual levels. It's not just a practice but a lifestyle and a profound journey.

In 2022, I began teaching Yoga for my university project. Recognizing the need to expand my expertise in areas such as counseling psychology and dietetics, I pursued a Certificate course in Food and Nutrition. However, I soon realized that merely providing diet plans wasn't enough; I also needed to create healthy recipes for my clients. Thus, I enrolled in a Certificate course in Multi-Cuisine Cooking at IHM Pusa, where I gained extensive knowledge about recipe creation, nutrition, and cuisines from around the world. Subsequently, I successfully interviewed for an internship at Shangri-La 5-star luxury hotels, where I had the opportunity to work alongside renowned chefs and cater to famous clientele.

During my Multi-Cuisine course and Internship at Shangri-La, I found myself putting on weight again. but I remained confident in my ability to lose weight. Applying all the knowledge I had accumulated over the years in Yoga, I again started my Yoga practices, and within 3-6 months after the internship from Shangri-La, I successfully achieved my goal of 65KG.

In 2023, following the completion of my internship, I launched Ajeet Yoga from scratch. I designed the website, created social media posters and content, all with the aim of helping people live healthier, happier life.

As the founder of Ajeet Yoga, my journey has been about more than just losing weight. It's been about finding passion, reclaiming health, and gaining freedom from the confines of a job. From personal struggles to spiritual pursuits, every step has been guided by a passion for wellness and a commitment to helping others. As I continue on this path, I am reminded that the most rewarding journeys are those that lead us to not only transform ourselves but also empower those around us. With each breath and each pose, I am reminded of the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential that lies within us all. Together, let us embark on this journey towards health, happiness, and harmony. Namaste.