A 95-Year-Young Mr. VP Sachdev's Yoga Journey: Transforming Lives with Ajeet Yoga

Discover how 95-year-old Mr. Ved Prakash Sachdev from ATS Pristine Sector 150 Noida transformed his life with Ajeet Yoga. Battling diabetes, hypertension, and insomnia, Mr. Sachdev embraced Yoga under the guidance of his Yoga Teacher Ajeet Yadav. Despite initial challenges, he mastered complex asanas, regained his passion for travel, and inspired his family and others worldwide to join Yoga sessions. Learn how personalized Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and lifestyle changes can lead to a healthier, happier life at any age.

Ajeet Yadav

2/29/20242 min read

Mr. Ved Prakash Sachdeva, a resident of ATS Pristine Sector 150 Noida decided to practice Yoga at the age of 95 to manage his diabetes, hypertension, and Insomnia. Most Yoga teachers were hesitant due to his age and health issues. Luckily, One of his daughters, who lives with him, contacted me. Despite the challenges ahead, I believed Yoga could help him. Yoga knows no age or condition; it's for everyone seeking wellness.

His two daughters and a granddaughter were also joining him in the yoga sessions, making it even more challenging. Different people with different body types and conditions, understanding their physical capabilities, stamina, breathing strength, and psychological responses to Yoga was crucial in the beginning. I began with breathing practices, meditation, and gentle body movements.

For the first month, we progressed slowly, focusing on building their body awareness and breath control. Once they developed awareness and improved joint mobility and stamina, we moved on to alignment. Gradually, I introduced Yoga philosophy, integrating it into their daily lives to manage stress and anxiety.

I also started advising him on his diet and daily routine. Sometimes, we'd simply sit and chat for 10-15 minutes about anything that interested him; often, the elderly just need someone to listen them. Through a month-long journey, I gained insight into what was causing his hypertension and Insomnia.

Now, under my palliative care yoga classes, his diabetes, hypertension, and insomnia are not just managed but thriving under control. He's not only mastering complex asanas, outpacing even younger practitioners. Since last year, he has been attending my yoga sessions.

His passion for travel, once limited by health worries, has been rekindled; he now travels freely, continuing his Yoga session along with breathing and meditation practices online while away. Witnessing the tremendous results of our sessions, his granddaughter in London has also begun joining our online sessions.

Mr. VP Sachdev is an inspiration to us all. Determined to reclaim his health, he recognized Yoga as his best ally. Personally, I saw this as an opportunity to excel in my role. Each challenge is a learning experience, enriching my ability to guide other clients through their Yoga journeys.

I believed no one could serve as a better Ambassador for Ajeet Yoga than him. When I designed the first Ajeet Yoga t-shirt, I asked him to do the launch honors. With a smile, he graciously agreed, affirming his support for our cause.

I've always been inspired to make people happy and healthy. That's why I chose Ajeet Yoga's tagline 'Happier, Healthier You!' For me, Yoga isn't just about performing asanas like a circus act; it's a lifestyle. It encompasses how we live, interact, think, discipline ourselves, eat, and find purpose in life—it's endless ongoing journey. Yoga teaches us how to control our minds, emotions, and spiritual progress over time.