Weight loss & Slimming

These daily online yoga classes are designed to keep you healthy and fit. They uplift you from a lazy, unfocused, non-motivated lifestyle to an energetic, delighted, and enthusiastic one. These classes help you maintain holistic health and balanced relationships with family and others. They assist professionals in coping with a chaotic work culture while maintaining inner peace. Delight in a transformed lifestyle by joining us

Elevate Your Life with Yoga: Energize, Enrich, and Embrace!

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3 Months

Asanas – 250+ dynamic asanas focused on stretching, toning, and strengthening the body, igniting your metabolism, promoting weight loss, and improving overall flexibility and endurance.

Pranayama – 25+ specific pranayama and variation techniques practice to regulate your breath and cultivate a heightened sense of mindfulness, supporting your weight loss journey by enhancing self-awareness, reducing stress-induced eating, and promoting better control over food cravings.

Mudras – 15+ targeted mudras to support your weight loss goals, harnessing their calming and balancing effects on the mind and emotions, which can help reduce emotional eating, promote discipline, and enhance your weight management efforts.

Meditation – 7+ guided meditations that foster a positive mindset, boost self-esteem, and develop a deeper connection with your body. These practices can help overcome emotional barriers to weight loss, reduce stress-related hormonal imbalances, and enhance your motivation and determination.

Yoga Nidra – 7+ guided Yoga Nidra sessions specifically designed to relax the body, release tension, and promote deep rejuvenation. This practice aids in reducing cortisol levels, improving sleep quality, and supporting healthy weight management by enhancing overall well-being.

Diet Plan – Personalized diet plan every two weeks that focuses on healthy, nutrient-dense foods, portion control, and mindful eating. The plan is tailored to support weight loss, boost metabolism, and provide essential nutrients while promoting mental clarity, emotional balance, and a peaceful state of mind.

Recipes – 25+ delicious and nourishing recipes that are specifically selected to support weight loss goals. These recipes are light, low in calories, and designed to provide optimal nutrition and satisfaction, helping you maintain a healthy weight while enjoying flavorful meals.

Weight loss Tracking and Progress Monitoring - Stay on top of your weight loss progress with our weight loss tracking and progress monitoring by expert team. Our team will provide ongoing support and guidance to help you stay accountable and achieve your desired weight loss goals.

Community Engagement and support - Connect with a supportive community of individuals on a similar weight loss journey. Share experiences, receive encouragement, and celebrate milestones together. Our community provides a platform for motivation, inspiration, and accountability to help you stay committed to your weight loss goals.

Lifestyle Transformation and Integration Guidance – Receive practical tips and guidance for managing lifestyle factors that can impact weight loss, such as stress, emotional eating triggers, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Learn strategies for cultivating a positive body image, developing healthy relationships with food, and fostering a sustainable weight loss journey.

Note - Each month, unlock new horizons as we introduce fresh content, including invigorating asanas, targeted pranayama techniques, and specific mudras that support your weight management goals. Embrace continuous growth, variety, and transformation as you shed excess weight, boost your metabolism, and cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Available time slot: 7AM - 7:50AM (Morning), 8AM - 8:50AM (Morning), 7PM - 7:50PM (Evening), 8PM - 8:50PM (Evening)